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Sonya Rothwell Limited Edition Contemporary Bespoke Wallpapier D'Art – rebirths of her otherworldly oil paintings

Available 4 - 6 weeks from placing your order
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Streams of twin tetrahedrons appear in this intricate matrix created by flipping and repeating my painting 'Cosmosis 14 : Atlas' causing totems of celestial beings to emerge within the pattern – the more you look, the more you see : The choice of scale and colour adds dynamism to the overall impact of the design

10m x 70cm

Half drop : Rotate 180º for full design

Lime : Coral : Aqua

Mica Rough Coated Non-Woven Luna pearlescent paper 165gsm

Sonya's extensive knowledge of print and innate sense of design, composition and colour is built upon many years as a designer, art director and fine artist following her graduation from renowned art college Central Saint Martins

Like all great works of art, please handle with care : Lightly dab with soft damp cloth : No detergent : Test on an inconspicuous area first : Do not rub as this may damage the paper's surface : :

Available 4 – 6 weeks from placing your order
All designs can be bespoke colour matched to suit any interior
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