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Centre of Spirit – the arts, meditation
healing and higher consciousness

L O V I N G >

Try to live consciously in your heart, that's all : There's no need to follow a religion, just swing open the doors of your own temple and journey w i t h i n


When within, no one without >


When we go within, no one goes without because through 'stillness,' 'going within,' 'meditation,' 'just being' – whatever you want to call it – we experience a flowering of consciousness : An understanding of true beauty : A deep love of self, life and others : We feel connected, content and peaceful : Our inner peace leads to outer peace which positively effects everything around us : As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world : Open your own heart : Water your own seeds : Find your own cause : Aspire to inspire ☆


"First tend to your own garden : As your fragrant blooms open, winds will carry your lovely seeds to the world" 



It's said that Temple Beautiful began in ancient Egypt as a great Centre oSpirit : the arts, meditation, healing and higher consciousness : Housed within a huge pyramid, it's inner walls and ceilings were adorned with constellations in opalescent hues ☆
There people elevated their consciousness by raising their creative energy – their emotions – through the senses – art, music, dance, singing, chanting, exquisite decor, fragrant incense and meditation : It was the raising of their energy that changed their awareness, not the painting, song or dance itself : Great teachers were called to correlate their understandings for the creation of a harmonious world : Emissaries were sent to distant lands to spread their ideas and establish more temples : The temples didn't follow a religion – they simply provided a place for individuals to raise their own energy, nurture their own connection and in turn help their fellow man : When we go within, no one goes without : LOVING >
Temple Beautiful is the sacred place within all of us : You are the temple : You are beautiful : Go within, into your temple : There you'll find all of your answers : Experience a flowering of consciousness, open your heart and know true beauty ☆ 


"There's no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies : My brain and my heart are my temples : My philosophy is KINDNESS" 





Need help going within ?


"My life-long interest in spirit lead me to a transformative meeting with Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs PhD (Tibetan Studies, Cambridge) who, through meditation, helped me unlock my full creative potential – a bird released : It's with thanks to Jacqueline that my recent work is born of alchemy"


Going within is so simple : There's no need for gurus, prayer beads, prayer flags, mudras, mantras, buddhas, bindis, sage sticks, incense, crystals, complicated breathing techniques, torturous lotus positions or giving your net income away ☆


Sonya Rothwell's Guided Meditation for Temple Beautioful – Gallery Beautiful's umbrella charity




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