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Sonya Rothwell brings 'subtly absorbed
minglings with universal forces' into being

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"Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time : There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres" 



"Artistic creation's an organic process that defies intention – it's a journey into the unknown, a divine dance : A blending, merging, swirling, rolling, unfurling into form : As I go within, into the flow – a calm, intensely focused meditative state – I allow a new dance to begin”


Sonya Rothwell's studio at Gallery Beautiful

"I paint from another place – where I go, I couldn't tell you : I step away from myself, yet in that place I am more myself than anywhere else : To borrow from Poet Laureate Pablo Neruda; while I am painting I am far away, and when I come back I have already gone"


Sonya Rothwell's studio at Gallery Beautiful

"Art, when created from the heart is never mediocre : One must be passionate – throw oneself wholeheartedly into creation : Dive in head first, naked : Float and frolick in its foam : Swirl in its glittering streams of sunlight and swim around its silken depths : Then behold what emerges"



Sonya Rothwell believes art is born of alchemy – the process of artistic creation where alchemists (creators, thinkers, dreamers and doers) transmute inspiration into being : Her otherworldly oils of empyrean consciousness expressing itself are 'subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces,' neologically titled Cosmosis'We are all made of stars, interwoven and infinite' : Like galaxies, each work is made up of interconnected canvases – individual parts of the whole, intended to scatter like stars across our sphere ☆
  Entering a meditative state, Sonya sets a powerful intention for the blank canvas before allowing a new dance to begin : Her creation process is very physical : Working on the floor in the flow, her hands move quickly around the painting, smearing, smudging, dripping and splattering, as melding pools of iridescent colour alchemically paint themselves ☆
Charged with light, her paintings activate positive emotions within the viewer, often drawn into their luminous glow and filled with their radiance : Created in just one session Sonya's ethereal paintings retain a freshness, immediacy and magic – once the spell is broken the work is complete ☆


"Sonya's paintings are so beautiful : We're lucky enough to have her original 'Stardust' : Whenever I walk into the sitting room I'm struck by its luminosity – it uplifts me somehow"



'Cosmosis' is an ongoing body of work that may be viewed online or by appointment at our salon : In warmer months Sonya sometimes opens the doors of her studio inviting National Trust The Courts Garden goers in to watch her paint : Enjoying their excitement, she chats and jokes with them about art and life as she works : Intrigued, some people spend the day in the garden to watch her works unfold from beginning to completion ☆



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