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Gallery Beautiful's Queen of the Galaxy is
renowned for her iridescent oils of the cosmos

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Gallery Beautiful is a luxury art, fashion, interiors emporium for art lovers of Alchemy showing Sonya Rothwell Hand-Painted & Limited Edition collections : Sonya's recognised as a prolific creator of highly collectable contemporary bespoke pieces



Sonya creates from the heart seeing Art as a spiritual alchemy – the divine dance of bringing inspiration into being : Her oil paintings of empyrean consciousness expressing itself are created by what she neologically terms 'cosmosis' – subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces ☆
Sonya Rothwell Limited Edition pieces are rebirths of her otherworldly oil paintings of the cosmos : Like space, her creations expands in all directions, off canvas onto clothes, scarves, ties, cushions, fabric, wallpaper, lampshades and objet as coveted luxury collections : Made in Heaven, hand-crafted in Britain and Italy, each piece is a work of art with a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by Sonya 
Sonya's eye for style, colour & composition and extensive knowledge of print is built upon many years as a designer, art director and fine artist following her formal arts training at Central St Martins, London 
Being a nomadic free-spirit ever in search of colour & culture, she loves adventure : Her urge to leave no stone unturned regularly steers her off the beaten track allowing for sacred time out to also journey within 
Wanderlust abound, Sonya climbed the Himālaya – a source of her inspiration to reach for the stars from the highest place on Earth : The transcendent mountain range is considered a deity and the path to enlightenment : Ascending the Himālaya to Heaven is known in Sanskrit as Swargarohini (Swarga meaning 'Heaven' and Arohini meaning 'ascent') : Amidst ascent Sonya photographed her celestial pieces on the beautiful people she met inhabiting Manaslu – Mountain of The Spirit as she made her own journey to Swarga ☆



Sonya's divine works are ethical and sustainable : When you choose Gallery Beautiful you're supporting our umbrella charity Temple Beautiful – a flowering of consciousness helping small sustainable NGOs make a big difference to disadvantaged third world children : Formed from Sonya's desire to be the change she wishes to see in the world and empower many of the beautiful children she meets on her travels 


For #NonPlayItSafers – the daring, the different, the dreamer, creator, performer and poet within : Embrace your inner alchemist



 Photograph by Sam Fielding 

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