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  • Cosmosis - RAPTURE COSMOSIS 12.1
  • Cosmosis - RAPTURE COSMOSIS 12.1
  • Cosmosis - RAPTURE COSMOSIS 12.1
  • Cosmosis - RAPTURE COSMOSIS 12.1
  • Cosmosis - RAPTURE COSMOSIS 12.1



£6,495.00 GBP

Sonya Rothwell's otherworldly oils of empyrean consciousness expressing itself are 'subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces' neologically titled Cosmosis : Created in just one session Sonya's ethereal paintings retain a freshness, immediacy and magic – once the spell is broken the work is complete : :



With Great Enthusiasm.

Following –

Your Highest Excitement

Moment –

To Glorious

Moment : :

Whole work : 1 0 0 0 x 1 6 2 0 mm

In four sections : :

C012.1 : 100 x 162 cm

C012.2 : 100 x 162 cm

C012.3 : 100 x 162 cm

C012.4 : 100 x 162 cm

Hang the direction you prefer – imagine you're lying on the grass looking up, star gazing : :

Oil and iridescent pigment on canvas : unframed : : 

Iridescent kaleidoscope of rainbow hues : :

'We are all made of stars, interwoven and infinite' : Like galaxies, each work is made up of interconnected canvases – individual parts of the whole, intended to scatter like stars across our sphere : :

Their creation process is very physical : Working on the floor in the flow, Sonya's bare hands move around the canvas, smearing, smudging, dripping and splattering, as melding pools of iridescent colour alchemically paint themselves : :

We have a strict no return policy because our pieces are made to order, especially for you, allowing us to offer a much wider variety of colours and sizes : We’re a sustainable, eco-ethical company creating unique, high quality, hand-crafted pieces locally in Britain : We’re ethically opposed to mass production, so by making to order we reduce our waste, costs and carbon foot print, helping you, Mother Earth and our umbrella charity Temple Beautiful – a flowering of consciousness

Turnaround times are approximately 3 – 8 weeks (depending on the product) from placing your order because before we ship to you, our pieces are hand-crafted locally in more than one of our studios or design houses before coming back to us for quality checks

If you're unsure about not being able to return something, please contact the gallery as we have some pieces in stock or can provide samples and testimonials

For special design projects our pieces can be bespoke colour matched to suit your interiors

By choosing Gallery Beautiful you're supporting our charity Temple Beautiful – a Centre of Spirit; the arts, meditation, healing and higher consciousness, helping deprived children live better lives : Thank you so much, the children bless you with their heart-filled appreciation 

Join our Tribe Beautiful – a global network of conscious creators restoring our beautiful world : Be Love

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