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21 October 2011


Sonya Rothwell's beloved jack russell terrier Walter was rarely static enough to draw – always on the move looking for adventure : This sketch was done at an opportune moment whilst he was sleeping : Sadly he is only with us in spirit now : Below is his epitaph written by Sonya the day he began his long slumber : :

Today is a very sad day : We must say goodbye to Walter : I know many of you loved him too; a small dog with a BIG personality : :

During his twelve year 'Reign of Glory' he amused us all with his many misadventures : Like the time he launched himself out of a moving vehicle in hot pursuit of a kangaroo, performing a spectacular commando roll on impact, resulting in many broken bones : Ouch : Or when he disappeared off the back of a yacht during twilight races and swam ashore with his little legs, to Admiralty House where he had supper with John & Janette Howard (ex Australian Prime Minister and wife) – but not before drying himself on their Persian rug and having a bubble bath ! : Not the first time he had gone missing overboard however – one week earlier he absconded a moving speed boat and was found hours later sunning himself on a rock in the middle of the ocean, waiting patiently for his retrieval : :

Retrieving Walter has been my major occupation over the years : In Alice Springs he went 'walkabout' with an aborigine prompting the local radio station to send out a search party... : He boomeranged back to us the next day in a taxi in exchange for a 'slab' of beer : Walter's 'wanderlust' meant he was forever 'MIA' causing us to often wonder 'Where's Wally?' : He could usually be found serenading a poodle, terrorizing possums, chasing cats or 'helping' fishermen at the wharf : :

My dear Wally, my best friend, never was there a more happy, spirited and loving dog than you ! : I will miss you very much : Thank you for all your love, joy and endless escapades : Sleep well my furry friend : :

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