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04 August 2018

Meet the Maker artist Sonya Rothwell Alchemist-in-Chief of Gallery Beautiful

What do you paint ?

Empyrean consciousness expressing itself (or huge iridescent abstracts of the cosmos) : I use my oil paintings to create mandalaesque designs that I apply to various surfaces : Like space, my creations expands in all directions, off canvas onto clothes, ties, scarves, cushions, fabric, wallpaper, lampshades and objet, blurring the boundaries of art and design ☆



Where does your inspiration come from ?

I create from the heart, that is, I journey within to the source of my inspiration : For me Art is a spiritual alchemy – the divine dance of bringing inspiration into being : I like to call it creating by 'cosmosis' – subtly absorbed minglings with universal forces ☆


Explain what you mean by within ?

I paint from another place – where I go, I couldn't tell you : I 'drop down' there by letting go and stepping away from myself, but in that place, I am more myself than anywhere else : To borrow from Poet Laureate Pablo Neruda; while I am creating I am far away, and when I come back I have already gone ☆

So meditation's part of your creative process ?

Sort of, when one practices stillness and presence life becomes a walking meditation : Everything flows ☆


So you're not easily distracted ?

To be an artist requires immense self discipline and focus : There’s no room for distraction when one is 'in the flow’ : Ideas are drawn to inspired action like fire flies fluttering against lit glass, all wanting to come in at once : Most lose patience and drift away, leaving only the very persistent ones to become ☆


Do you use mood boards to inspire you ?

Never, Life inspires me : My passion is to see for myself, to know – to leave no stone unturned : I have a deep love for Mother Nature and her people, so I travel to explore, observe, absorb far flung places off the beaten track, rich in texture, colour&culture and new ideas : Life is my mood board – like Matisse, everywhere I go, I draw with my eyes : Everything I have ever lived pours out of me, into my art ☆


Then you'd consider passion as integral to your process ?

Of course, Art, when created from the heart, is never mediocre : One must throw oneself wholeheartedly into creation : Dive in head first, naked : Float and frolick in its foam : Swirl in its glittering streams of sunlight and swim around its silken depths : Then behold what emerges ☆

Where do you create your art ?

Home is where the heart is, so there’s no better place to create from : My daughter Peony and I found a house large enough for all our big ideas, within a secret garden, walled and full of magic : A beautiful grade II listed National Trust manor house The Courts, Wiltshire, UK, circa 1730, surrounded by a magical garden that's open to the public : Our home's also Gallery Beautiful HQ : We work across the entire house : Our formal drawing rooms are showrooms displaying our pieces in an elegant home setting and most of the bedrooms have become studio spaces – Peony has her own art studio too ☆


What do you see and hear from your windows ?

The most enchanting garden in England The Courts National Trust Garden : It’s my joy, my solace, my inspiration : I try to start each day with a stroll in our garden noticing the detail of Mother Nature’s gifts : This moment of quietude and stillness brings peace to my whole day : Inspired ideas come from this peace ☆


How did Gallery Beautiful come about ?

It's a love story > READ MORE 

Is it hard to switch off when you work from home ?

(Laughs) there’s no switching off, I’m an artist – life is art, art is life : Makers don’t just make things, we live and breathe them > READ MORE 

Could you ever go back to working in an office 9-5 now?

I’ve never worked 9-5, even as an art director I worked long hours and weekends. I still do this, but now have the freedom to work remotely whenever I can and always be there for Peony who's my main priority ☆


Where does the name Gallery Beautiful come from ?

From Temple Beautiful an ancient Egyptian centre of Spirit; the arts, meditation, healing and higher consciousness : Said to be housed within a pyramid adorned with constellations in opalescent hues where people elevated their consciousness by raising their creative energy through the senses : The temple didn't follow a religion – it simply provided a place for individuals to raise their own energy, nurture their own connection and in turn help their fellow man : When within, no one without > READ MORE 


What's Temple Beautiful ?

Our umbrella charity Temple Beautiful – a flowering of consciousness helps small sustainable NGOs make a big difference to disadvantaged third world children : Formed from my desire to #BeTheChange I wish to see in the world : When you choose Gallery Beautiful you're empowering many of the beautiful children I've met on my travels > READ MORE 


What change would you like to see in the world  ?

I deeply wish for balance : For a harmonious world without borders and labels where all beings are respected : An abundant planet where we do not take, we give, love and share : Where nature, animal and man coexist peacefully as humans work together, sustainably, for the greater good of all : I’d like to see consumerism and spirit join hands, treading as gently as possible on this beautiful earth that doesn’t belong to us - we’re merely temporary guests : Our bespoke pieces are ethical and sustainable, made locally to order encouraging our consumers to #BuyLess and love more : With much love and respect we take responsibility for our part, hoping to leave Mother Gaia as we found her with all her beauty intact ☆

Where can one see your art pieces ?

Clients may view & buy from our online emporium, or in person by appointment at our salon style showroom : Contact or +44 (0) 1225 635 443


Meet the Maker artist Sonya Rothwell Alchemist-in-Chief of Gallery Beautiful



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