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Our Alchemist in Chief aka. Madame Rothwell De Rebel transformed the gallery's salon for a recent soiree with the sensual theme 'Dishevelled Versailles : Palace Punk' : :
'The year is 1773 : You are a noble courtier of The Palace of Versailles who has escaped the watchful eye of court to a private Salon de la Decadence : Ooh la laa !' : :

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The 'quiet' supper d'art owed its French flavour to the exciting new arrival of antique embroidered taxidermy by sculptor Frédérique Morrel on show along side works by Eleonore Pironneau, Lisa Wright, Craig Ruddy, Trudy Montgomery and Sonya Rothwell : :
Desperate for liberté, our distinguished yet dishevelled guests arrived festooned in feathers, fans, corsets, ruffles, pendants, pearls, pantaloons, laddered stockings, and smudged powdered faces with their enormous decorated wigs slightly askew : Frivolities followed a fabulous feast laid on by our friends at Sam's Kitchen : Not one to miss our infamous soirees, LA based photographer Sam Fielding flew in especially to document the excess : :
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"Sonya Rothwell knows how to throw a party"
says Golden Globe winning film producer Gareth Wiley who never misses one her very private views : "Every moment of these soirees is an exhilarating experience, an aesthetic feast for the senses : Sonya's elaborate themes and extraordinarily unique stagings, bring to mind the ‘happenings’ of the 60’s and 70’s : You can’t help feeling that Andy Warhol would be very at home here" : :

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Photographs by Sam Fielding

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