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Sonya Rothwell's amour&more painting at a chic beach house shot by photographer Spike Powell
Thank you to the interior photographer Spike Powell for sending us his fabulous shot of Sonya Rothwell's 'TOUJOURS TOI'* that he shot in a stylish beach house on Sydney's North Shore 
*translation 'always you' : mixed media on paper : 120cm x 152 cm : sold

'amour&more' is a sensuous series of works on paper that sensitively reveals the exquisite intimacy, passion and tenderness of love : :

Rothwell's fascination with human connection led her to an exploration of platonic and romantic love resulting in this bewitching body of work : She attributes it's success to sincerity – by drawing couples in real relationships, be them friends or lovers, Rothwell was able to capture genuine emotion : :

Rothwell was often moved by the intimacy between her subjects during sittings : She said of one couple; "I was struck by the tenderness with which they held each others hands, their closeness, their 'love' was palpable – shortly afterwards they got engaged" : :

It's this feeling that makes these large scale works so engaging : They stir up powerful emotions making the viewer long for that same soul connection with another : One man said on opening night; "these paintings of 'amour' make me remember what love and passion can be : They're like a homage to love and intimacy and passion : They're a siren call to be in love again : They seem to be raising emotions long buried" : :

Rothwell infused the works with French because "it is the language of love ... no other is more romantic or beautiful" : Their intoxicating titles are borrowed from great romantic thinkers and love poets that appeal to her whimsical sensibilities : :

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